The Alma Creamer Woman

The Alma brand stands for authentic and traditional cheese specialties. The Vorarlberg Bergkäse (mountain cheese) with protected designation of origin, as well as the alpine and cut cheeses are traditionally made in small mountain and alpine creameries by trained dairy farmers. A piece of Alma cheese therefore means protecting and supporting the Vorarlberg farmers and their culture. Numerous awards received in international and national cheese prize contests and competitions attest to the special quality of the Alma products.

The longstanding art of cheese processing has been perfected in the uniquely creamy Alma Rahm Käse (cheese spread). Austrian’s most popular cheese triangle is today still being produced by the original recipe of 1921 in our processed cheese factory in Hörbranz.

The Alma alpine creamer woman in her original Bregenzerwald traditional costume is the oldest brand symbol of the Austrian dairy and cheese farming industry.

By the way, this traditional costume is still being worn today on holidays in Vorarlberg. And to this day, the traditional costumes are sown in the Bregenzerwälder Juppenwerkstatt (traditional costume manufacture of Bregenzerwald) in the same way as they used to be in the past, handmade from valuable materials. Legend has it that the “White Juppe,” which is also called the “Swedish Juppe,” is the most authentic traditional costume jacket. Militant forest women are said to have driven away the hostile Swedes in the battle on the “Roten Egg” during the Thirty Years’ War. According to the legend, the enemy soldiers believed the women who were dressed in white were celestial beings.

Today, the proud alpine creamer woman in her white Juppe represents Alma’s origin. She is the visible connection between Alma and the farmer tradition as well as the pure nature of the Bregenz Forest. More information: www.juppenwerkstatt.at

Logo Development of Alma

From the 1930s to present

Development of the Alma Rahm (creamy cheese spread) packaging

From the start in 1921 to present


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