Philosophy and Claim of Quality

Alma is part and parcel as well as a supporter of the Vorarlberg alpine and cheese culture. This is because Alma not only produces the best Bergkäse (mountain cheese) with protected designation of origin in the four Alma mountain dairies, but it also brings the products of Vorarlberg’s dairies and small village dairies to the tables of cheese lovers.

Today’s owner of Alma, the private cheese dairy Rupp, has a quite special relationship with all things related to the alpine and cheese culture of Vorarlberg. The grandfather and founder of the private cheese dairy began his successful professional career as a mountain dairy farmer and appreciated the alpine dairies with their products to passionately and proudly market them. Likewise, Josef Rupp III also spent several months as a herdsman and dairy assistant in the Vorarlberg Alps and mountain dairies.

close to nature

Alma is committed to nature and our regional agriculture and alpine farming.


Alma is a part of the famous cheese culture of the region in the west of Austria.


Our dairy farmers make cheese like in the olden days: in manual labor, starting from raw milk in copper pots.


Team spirit and mutual respect, as well as a handshake are worth quite a lot at Alma.

At this time, the brand is supplied with mountain and Albkäse (alpine cheese) from about 70 of the 130 Vorarlberg alpine pastures and further small village dairies.

Without Vorarlberg’s alpine farming, the cheese business and foremost the cultural scenery of Vorarlberg would be substantially diminished. The private cheese dairy Rupp with the Alma brand therefore believes, it is its duty to continue to promote and preserve alpine farming in the future as well.

Without Vorarlberg's alpine farming, the cheese business and foremost the cultural scenery of Vorarlberg would be substantially diminished.

Seal of Quality

Most of our tasty natural cheese specialties, most of which are made from pure hay milk, are certified with the AMA Seal of Quality. Our Vorarlberg specialty Bergkäse (mountain cheese) holds a protected designation of origin and is also made of the purest of hay milk.

The AMA Seal of Quality is an officially recognized seal of quality. It provides reliable information about traceable origin, high quality and independent control.

The EU-wide standardized seal of the "protected designation of origin" stands for the origin of a food product.

The hay milk seal of quality guarantees production from the best milk, which is farmed entirely without the use of fermented feed.

What Says Organic is Organic!

The Certification according to the EU Organic Production Regulation

Alma and ARA
because nature is dear to our hearts

In cooperation with ARA (Scrap Recycling Austria), our company Rupp is committed to sustainability and the preservation of natural resources. For example, the separated collection, use and disposal of packaging wastes is practiced and broadened within the ARA system. By making this active contribution to environmental protection, more than 175 tons of CO2 could be saved at Rupp in the year 2021. This is roughly equivalent of the greenhouse gas emissions of 2,264,465 kilometers driven by car.


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